Create Stickers

So you want to Create your Stickers Set?

no problem little Padawan, here is the explanation. Are you ready? let’s begin!

1 – You’ll need an image application like Photoshop, Illustrator or something close if you’re not super rich or a evil pirate.

2 – Create your pictures  in 512×512 pixels (basically a square), and save them in PNG. (Transparency is allowed). By the way, the more you optimize, the faster your set will upload and download (no, it’s not obvious for everyone).


ok your set is now ready, but now you want the world to enjoy it, you’re really an egocentric padawan but it’s ok.

@Stickers – The droïd you’re looking for


3 – Open Telegram (on Desktop, it’s much easier, it’s ok you will not join the dark side by doing that), start a chat with @stickers bot

4 – Follow the Bot instruction :

/newstickerpack : start by this one and name your Pack

/addsticker : Add new stickers to your pack and chose the emojis, repeat this action for each new sticker

/delsticker : Delete stickers

/ordersticker: Order your stickers

/cancel: Cancel (obviously)

Finish your pack by typing /publish

5 – The bot will ask the short name for your set url.

6 – It’s done, you’re a Stickers Jedi

7 – you can submit it to to share it to the world